Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so cheap?
There are four main reasons. 

【Reason 1】
The first is to specialize in the website of the Cabaret Girls Bar Sexy Cabaret Host Club.
By creating a specialty, you can improve efficiency and pattern in various parts.
As a result, the time required to work is greatly reduced.

【Reason 2】
The second is that we have the copyright of the website design.
The most time-consuming and costly part of creating a web site is design creation and determination.
By getting the copyright of such a design, we realized the cost reduction to the limit.

【Reason 3】
The third is reform in labor costs.
As usual, if you leave everything in the work process to the employees, of course, if the labor cost is “10,000 yen”, if you create a general website over 10 days, “10,000 yen × 10,000 yen 100,000 yen” would be the least cost.
In this part, we adopt our own division of labor system, and at the same time, we are trying to reduce costs strongly by taking advantage of the characteristic that work is possible as long as there is an Internet.

【Reason 4】
Fourth, this is the biggest reason, but even if there are one, two or three reasons, we are completely in the red when creating.
In our company, the mobile phone body which is how to sell a little while ago has taken the exact same method as selling it for 0 yen, and it is because it is a management policy which aims at the surplus in total while you can go out for a long time even if it is a deficit at the time of creation.

I tried to make a completely original homepage in Company B, but the cost of making it was too high…
Leave it to me!
We make the initial cost and ultra-low cost of making even the completely original homepage!
The cost of making was cheap, but the monthly maintenance fee is high, and after all, there is no meaning.
Leave it to me!
In our case, 13,800 yen per site per month!
This cost includes not only server usage fees, but also search engine countermeasure costs and unlimited website maintenance agency costs.
Company F may be cheap er than the initial cost and monthly fee, but if you do it yourself to update the page, you will incur the cost each time you ask.
Leave it to me!
If we are all in charge of management!Amazing text unlimited update!
Any number of times every month!!And, you can request the work agency by how much amount.
Even if it is cheap, the design is just different colors of the background, and everyone is together.Company F only put the content together on a few pages of the same design.
Leave it to me!
In our case, the point is overwhelming!!
You can choose from the homepage base design group with abundant high quality and high design.
In addition, for the base design you have chosen, there is no additional fee, we will incorporate the photograph as a design.
Therefore, even if you use the base design, you can demonstrate the originality powerfully.
I like the design in the base design collection, but can I change only the color overall?
Leave it to me!
Even though we use the base design, we create it by hand each time, so we can change it to the desired color.
I created a homepage in Company D, but in the end, it is difficult to understand how to register with the required search engine and is troublesome.
Leave it to me!
After creating our website, be sure to make it within the cost of making it (now it’s free!is registered with the search engine.
Can I have an email address?
Leave it to me!
If you have applied for a website, you can use 10 e-mail addresses for free.
You can optionally use at least 11 email addresses if you wish.
What is the anti-virus anti-virus?
Leave it to me!
In our company, anti-virus mail is perfect!Guard the virus firmly on the server side.
This virus mail correspondence is also included in the basic fee, so it is safe.
I want you to make a completely original homepage without using the base design.
Leave it to me!No problem at all!
We also respond to the needs of such people.
If you create a completely original website without using a base design, you will be charged 60,000 yen.
Normally, when you create a completely original website, it costs around 300,000 yen for other companies, so you can see how much the price of our company is if you compare it to other companies.
I have a domain and have a homepage, but can I make the transition because of my current company’s service?
Leave it to me!
Domain migration fee: Only 5,000 yen can be migrated!
However, there may be an exception such as the current server cancellation.Please feel free to contact us.
I’m in a hurry, so I’d like you to make it early, how many days will it be completed?
Leave it to me!
After all the materials you send us, you can use the home page base design, and it will be around 7 business days.
※However, because there is the case that it is crowded according to the time, i hope you can contact us for details.
The site to be created is “the site corresponding to the so-called bar such as cabaret girls bar sex caba host club”, but other homepages can not be created?
Leave it to me!
You can create it.We have also created a number of sites other than the target of creating the homepage maker Dodoko.
However, depending on the content of the site, it will be an estimate separately.First of all, please contact us.
Can I add a page other than the basic page structure?
Leave it to me!It’s possible!
In our company, it is possible to add any content in principle because it is a manual creation that applies even if it is a complete original creation or a base design creation.
*In fact, there are examples of what you create as a request: “Bulletin Board Page”, “Member E-mail Magazine System”, “System that can be managed by yourself on various pages such as new information, event information, cast page”, and “schedule delivery program” etc.
I don’t know anything about personal computers, let alone the home page, but is it all right?
No problem at all!
If you fill in and prepare only the materials for our creation, our professional staff will work and support you.
What types of domains can I have?
All domains can be obtained. 

-Remarks: The meaning of various domains is often used mainly in Japan.)- domain: A domain that means a corporation, such as a limited company or a corporation
com domain: a common domain that means commercial
jp domain: general domain that means Japan
net domain: a domain that means a network that net companies primarily acquire
info domain: domain that means general
biz domain: a domain that means business

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