The whole flow

Pc → like the current HP, to post in the left and right.Created in images. Smartphone → do not divide left and right.You and our icons.

The rough flow from provisional application to creation and update management is summarized below.

Customer Our Provisional Application
First of all, please apply temporarily from the temporary application page.
After that, our representative will contact you to explain the details and your request.
Customer Our Contract
Customer Preparing our materials and photographs
Please prepare the photograph and the material for the creation necessary for the homepage design.
Customer Start creating our website
Based on the materials and photos you have prepared, we will start to create your store’s website.
Customer Completion of our website
Customer Our completed homepage
Customers To daily update and management of our store website
Daily updates after creation make your home page more effective advertising!
We will leave everything to you, and we will do all the management work on your behalf!
Please use our company as an IT worker of your store.