1 Peace of mind!Advance design submission

I didn’t think it was a haz of that kind of design.
“I was paid an extra fee when I tried to change the design.”
Such a failure story is a story heard very often from the customer who created the homepage.

However, the homepage creation of this site is different♪
You can submit a full-fledged design as many times as you like for free in advance.
By all means, please bring a design that is satisfactory.

2 Make the cast more attractive!More beautiful!

When you look at the cast list page, have you ever thought that it was boring to simply display them side by side?
There is only one example, the introduction page of the cast of the homepage maker Dodoko,
“It’s not just lining up”, you can make expressions more beautiful and more personal.

An image of the actual use of http://www.hp-maker.com/merit.html

3 It’s not just a design sample!

In general, in the type of service that chooses the base design, the degree of freedom of design is enough to put a photograph or logo in a fixed place.
It is the evil that everything has been programmed, but the homepage creation by the design group of this site is the one that the degree of freedom of the design is remarkably high because it fuses the part of the programmed part and the manual work part.
Not to mention the photograph, it is possible to change even the entire color, so it is possible to express the customer’s request thoroughly.

4 Super reasonable!This price !!! this service

This price in this service content only swallows the homepage maker!
We are pleased to recommend it with confidence!

5 Leave it all to me!All administrative work will be done on your behalf!

People who don’t know how to manage their homepages or don’t have enough time to manage

When you make a homepage on this site, you can leave everything from domain management to email account creation management, high-level search engine measures described below, not to mention the update and management of the homepage!
There is often a word that anyone can easily manage with a program, but no matter how advanced the program is, you have no choice but to make your own images, and if you have experience of failing to make these images well, we are perfect.

And because it is the management that leaves you,
There is no such thing as the fact that the IT employees who worked have quit and no one can renew them.
Moreover, it is much lower cost than having an IT employee in-house.

6 Amazing Unlimited Updates!

Even though i made a homepage with great pains, if i can’t be satisfied with the update, the homepage effect is in half.

If this site, the point is perfect!
It is not a common “update yourself” or “update is up to one time”.
Unlimited updates at the amazing text level!

7 Quick update speed!

On the application form, after receiving the update, it is described as “within three business days in principle”.
However, in fact, since we are targeting within one business day, it may be more than the speed to update is instructed by the staff of your own store.

8 Shut out virus mail!

It is troublesome and is a troublesome computer virus to go around by all times when i open a homepage!
If you go to a computer virus, your computer will no longer be used, and you will lose important data.

But don’t worry!
In this service, we do as a security measure and virus mail measures are also given firmly.
Perform a virus check on the server and shut out the virus mail!Moreover, it is included in the basic monthly fee, too.

9 Create in as little as 7 days!

After all the materials arrive, if you use the homepage base design, it is possible to make it in about 7 business days at the shortest.

10 Real SEO (= Search Engine Countermeasures)

Especially on the home page of the type of self-management in the program, “META tag” is only possible to set only the part called, “SEO is also perfect” i often see where you say, the actual SEO – search engine measures is not such a simple thing, I think it is impossible to complain about SEO measures just like that.
SEO is something that will work together with a myriad of factors, even seo specialists can not put out the effect if you do not take the time and time very much.
Certainly meta tag setting is necessary in it, but it is not an exaggeration to say that the part is only about one degree from seo as a whole, and from our company it is just “SEO” to the trader who would tell the customer that it is, honestly distrust and discomfort can not be helped without feeling uncomfortable.
It’s good to see SEO that’s hard to understand, and it feels like you’re just mocking everyone who uses it.

In light of this, we are proud to say that the website we have made “we are performing real SEO work every day”, i am glad if you can actually experience once by all means.

11 Monthly payments are ok

For monthly payments, we will make a brief review before the contract based on information such as your address, industry and store type.

12 Monthly payments are ok

After creating the website, cabaret, girls bar, host, club, etc. by the service that will be reflected in the database of the specialized search site “Cava Ryakuku”, I think that you can become a power of the customer and the job of your shop while a little.

13 SNS available for free

This site will prepare all sns such as Instagram and Twitter of your store♪
Of course, it is also possible to incorporate your own SNS as part of your design.