What is the homepage maker?!

Homepage maker Dodoko is a homepage service which specializes in the shop (bar) at night.

Not only the website creation but also management maintenance is a service that will act on behalf of you, so please use this service itself as an alternative to the web person in charge of your store.

The concept is high quality, high service, low cost!!If it is the same content, we pride oursself on the top class in Japan, and we recommend it with confidence.

(In the end, the above is underlined, bold, size, etc.)

Eligible Industries

Homepage maker Stoko’s service is

 Cabaret Cl
ub Girls Bar
– Sexual Cab
aret Host Club

, for customers who operate stores that fall under the so-called bar.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure if this is true of the above, or if you would like to receive an estimate if it is not applicable.We will do our best to provide you with your estimates and suggestions.

Create a home page

If you choose the design of your choice from a rich ultra-high quality base design, you will be
able to complete the homepage that is suitable for your shop at 16,952 yen of surprise.
(Even if you want a completely original design, you can create it for 60,000 yen plus tax.))

Sample?Base design?

The base design of the homepage maker Dokoko is not a common “template”!
Because the design is “base design” to the last
, the color can be changed freely!
Not only insert the photograph of your shop, but also create it by incorporating it as a design!
The degree of freedom of the design is much higher than the usual “template”, and it is possible to express the customer’s demand thoroughly.

See the list of base designs

Update and manage the website

Leave it all to me. Easy to manage♪

In this service,
 Monthly website change work
 Domain management
 E-mail account creation management
 High-level search engine countermeasures
It will be a service that can be left to us all.

Please imagine that you hired one staff member in 13,143 yen per month.

Unlike your own management services, you will not only have to have a person in charge of IT knowledge in your store, but it will also have an outstanding effect on cost.

Amazing updates unlimited!

There are no restrictions such as “up to one update” or “the cost of the second and subsequent updates”, and you can request the change as many times as you like.
*Scope to be updated: It will be updated at the text level.

Supported areas

We will respond to all regions in Japan, including Kanto, Tohoku, Chubu,, China, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Images of visiting regions (map of Japan)

Because the homepage is a mechanism that can be made only by preparing the photograph, filling in the material and meeting by telephone, it is not possible to take time wasted.
However, if you would like to have a meeting on a visit, please click here.