It is an impression received from the customer who uses this homepage service and the server service.
I think that it becomes reference of the person who is considering using it.

Thank you very much for your response to the questionnaire and impressions.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your feedback and words.

– We have always been indebted.I am surprised to be honest at this price a high-quality homepage that i have you respond quickly.
Rework and redo, we have you to go out with the wagamama of this place in the creation stage in detail, we are very impressed.Thank you very much.
Thank you in the future maintenance we will come to you in a variety of ways.
(Kanagawa: D-like)

Planning operation of the site, logo mark production, and including business card creation from last year, we have a quick response in any field, we are grateful from the daily.
Especially for the site, the results of this month’s search engine from the effect of the update came out as follows.
Mizoguchi + Cabaret → (Yahoo 1st, Google 3rd place)
Denentoshi Line + Cabaret Club → (Yahoo! 2nd, Google 4th)
With a free service, you can only say that you can get this result.The design quality is also good, but it just looks good, doesn’t it?
I’m really glad that i got to know you.
(Kanagawa Prefecture: R-like)

– Thank you.I was a little worried about the internet order.However, i am very satisfied with both the quality and the amount of money of the homepage now.
(Tokyo: S store)

I made hp from the base design, I had to change the color to the concept color of our store.
The atmosphere changed completely with the original base design, and it was finished in a wonderful homepage with great satisfaction like the original made.
Thank you very much.
(Miyagi: D-like)

– By using the homepage maker in the first store, i like it completely, i made a homepage by using sister store this time.
New stores are also open soon, so thank you again in that case.
(Kanagawa: G-like)

– In the distance, but was worried at first i could not meet in person, i had a good feeling in a very polite response, I thought i could be reliable.
As for the design, Wagamama also listened to me, and I thought that the degree of freedom was considerably high.
With this high quality, we look forward to your company producing websites at a low cost.
(Fukuoka: H-like)

– I am very satisfied with the polite place correspondence after the homepage creation.
(Tokyo: H-like)

– I’m always consulting by email and phone, i like the sincere response of Evashi who responds politely to the friendly.Moreover, it is not sold as the first word, and because the after-follow is steady, we of the personal computer tone deaf can still be relieved.
There are not many website vendors who think from the customer’s point of view so far, and I don’t think so.
The sophisticated design is also praised by customers and acquaintances.
You may be inconvenienced in the future, thank you very much good relationship.
(Tokyo: J-sama)

– We have amazement on the finish more than imaginable.I would like to send a generous compliment to your company, which is producing such a high quality website at a very reasonable price.
Please do your best from now on.
(Tokyo: T store)

Thank you thank you for always indebted.
The report was slow, but a customer who saw the Internet the other day came to the store.I wanted to meet the cast of our store, so I came all the way from Atsugi City.It seems that the echo of the homepage has come out steadily though it is a little.
I want to make the page even better in the future, thank you more as for your guidance advice.First of all, I would like to thank you for your report.
(Kanagawa Prefecture: Mr. O)

I like very much become a very nice homepage.The staff were very friendly and helpful.Thank you in the future.
(Kanagawa Prefecture: P store)

– I was planning to put the people of the net relationship specialty initially.
Not only make a homepage, and email account management, it is very helpful because it is certainly left to you to register with the search engine.
We appreciate this because it leads to a considerably lower cost than the first schedule.
(Fukuoka: Mr. O)

– It does not take a fee to update the page because it is a text unlimited update, cost performance is very good and thankful.
(Saitama: Y-like)

– Always take care of.Our website has been in two and a half years.Looking back, it has more effect than I originally imagined, and I am still very happy.
At first, when I remembered the homepage I was making myself, i couldn’t get as access as I wanted, i was worried, and i decided to ask a professional to make it, so I was right.We are grateful for the support after completion, as well as the quick response.Thank you very much.
(Osaka: Mr. S)

Until now, but had been mainly handing out flyers and DM, it was quite correct to make a homepage.I am very satisfied with the cost.In the future, i think that the rate of attracting customers greatly depends greatly when there is a homepage and there is no.
It is also helpful that the update speed is fast.
Thank you in the future.
(Kanagawa: A store)

– I always help update work is fast.
(Kanagawa Prefecture: I- sama)

– I can make a homepage in a short time, we are very grateful.It was good to be able to make it in time for the opening.Thank you very much.
(Hokkaido: E-like)

– It is a feeling that is really good.I’m sorry it’s short(sweat)
(Tokyo: K-sama)

– I said unreasonable because it was not a shop that is defined in this site, but now it is quite a thank you ☆ please do your best without.
(Chiba: K-sama)

– I leave all the homepage update, very good! !
Other companies also tried, but i can not update at all without time even if it is passed the management screen.
The homepage manages all our stores, so it’s very easy to do without permission if you email me!
(Hokkaido: S-like)

– We have become very indebted.
We are truly sorry for the balance of your low price and service.I wish you all the best in your company.
Thank you very much in the future.
(Osaka: Mr. N)

At a more conscientious price than other companies, i am very grateful to have you make a nice homepage.
The reputation was good, and there was an inquiry of the job from the girl at once!
Thank you very much.
(Tokyo: P-like)

– Not only creation because there is no knowledge of the PC and the Internet, i asked your company to ask for renewal.We were able to leave it to you with confidence by carefully explaining in advance and after completion.
Thank you very much in the future.
(Aichi: K-sama)

Thank you for making a beautiful homepage.
I’m not sure, but it seems to have been devised to come to the top of the search site.Immediately, there is an inquiry of the job offer, I feel the response.But we’ve just started.I would like to move forward step by step with your help.
Thank you in the future.
(Saitama: L-like)

I like it very much ☆
Thank you♪
(Hokkaido: P-like)

– It’s good to be cheap after all!
I asked other companies for an estimate, but it finally got higher.The good place of the homepage maker’s crowd is the place where the cost is very low.It was very helpful to ask for an optional one.Good luck.
(Yamanashi: M-like)