Please compare it with other companies by all means.
This price in this quality only swallows the homepage maker! !

Company B Company G Homepage Maker Stoko
Basic fee for creation (meeting and design fee) 100000 Yen 50,000 yen ¥16,952 (+tax)
Top page creation fee 30000 JPY 20000 Yen Free
Lower page creation fee Unit price 20,000 yen/page
6 pages 140,000 yen
Unit price 10,000 yen/page
6 pages 70,000 yen
Image processing costs Unit price 2,000 yen x 20 sheets
Total 40,000 yen
Unit price 4,000 yen/20 sheets
Total 80,000 yen
Total homepage creation expenses ¥290,000 220,000 YEN ¥16,952 (+tax)
Updater All creation companies updated
(Program part is updated by yourself)
Half created company half yourself updated
(Program part is updated by yourself)
All updated by us
(Program part is updated by yourself)
Homepage management fe
e (monthly fee)
Unlimited updates 60,000 yen/month Updated once a month 30,000 yen/month Unlimited renewal 13,143 yen (+tax)/month