Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.
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Why is it so cheap because it includes work agency costs?

There are four main reasons.

【Reason 1】:
Be specialized in night work.

The first reason is that we produce websites specializing in night work, such as the Cavacla Girls Bar Sexy Cavakura Host Club.
By creating specialized products, we are improving efficiency in various parts.
As a result, we are significantly shortening the time required for work and reducing costs.

【Reason 2】:
The design copyright belongs to our company.

The second reason is that we have the copyright to the website design.
One of the most time-consuming and costly parts of creating a website is creating and finalizing a design.
By allowing us to place copyrights on designs that require such costs, we have greatly reduced costs.

【Reason 3】:
Labor cost reforms have been made.

The third reason is that we have reformed labor costs.
In general production companies, when creating a store site, the person in charge often creates from 1 to 10, but in this case, the high labor cost of general employees in Japan is reflected in the cost as it is.

In addition to thoroughly division of labor according to the content of work, we are working to reduce costs strongly by using a very low-cost labor force overseas for work that does not change the result no matter who performs the work.

【Reason 4】:
The fourth reason. This is the biggest reason, but even if there are 1, 2, and 3 reasons, we are completely in the red at the time of creation. (Depending on the store, the monthly fee will also be in the red.)
This is because we have taken the same method as “selling the mobile body for 0 yen”, which is the way of selling mobile phones a little while ago, and even if the creation time is in the red, there are various stores that you can be with for a long time, so it is a management policy that aims for a surplus in total.

If I create from the same base design as other stores, will it look exactly like other stores?

In addition to the creation services that are limited by common systems such as “just change the photo to be inserted” and “just change the background”, our staff will proceed with the creation by hand at the time of creation.
Instead of simply inserting the photo image to be used, we are working on bringing it in as a design.
In addition to the background, we will proceed with the creation by adjusting the color to details such as the title.

Therefore, even if there are other stores created from the same base design, it is possible to finish it in a different design with a very high originality.

I haven’t made a logo for the store yet, can you make it? Is there a separate cost to create a logo?

Yes. We have created.
In addition, there is no additional cost for creating a logo for the web.

Is it possible to have about 2 pages that I want to add separately?

Yes. It’s possible.
Since we are manually created by our staff, we can add any page in principle as long as it can be created.

Can I create a schedule page for the cast? Is it possible to manage only that page myself?

Yes. Make.
And you can manage it yourself.

There is an image of “I want you to make it like this”. Is it possible to create a completely original homepage?

Yes. It’s possible.

Can I reflect social media on my website?

Yes. I can.

I would like to do a LINE job, can it be reflected on the site?

Yes. It’s possible.
I think that it is better to work on LINE job openings by all means.

Does banner creation require a separate fee?

No. It is not necessary.

Is it possible to create a site that translates into multiple languages?

Yes. It’s possible.

Is it possible to create a homepage for industries other than night work (night shop)?

Yes. It’s possible.
However, there is a possibility that the cost may change depending on the content, so we would appreciate it if you could contact us and consult with us once.

Far from the homepage, is it okay to have a pc itself at all?

There is no problem at all.
Our expert staff will do all the work and support.
I hope you can image it as “13,800 yen / month site (+ tax) and our staff was hired”.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can request to update my website?

There is no such thing.
You can request unlimited updates as many times as you like.
In addition, seo work is performed regularly every month regardless of whether or not there is a request for renewal.

What is included in the monthly fee?

The monthly cost includes:
Web server fee
Mail server fee
Website update work agency fee
SEO work expenses
It is included.

Are there any costs that are not included in the monthly fee?

・ If you wish to create a new page
・ If you wish to build a new program or system
・ When you want to create a design image like a flyer
Such cases are not included in the monthly fee.

In addition, the cost varies depending on the content, but in the event that you incurr a cost that is not included in the monthly fee, we will contact you in advance.

Is it possible to move my available site to your company for management?

There is a high possibility that it can be moved, but if it is a site created by another company, it will be depending on the system and copyright of other companies, and if it is a site created by yourself, please feel free to contact us.

What is SEO?

SEO is also called a search engine measure, and it is a measure to make it appear as a higher search result when a viewer searches on a search engine such as Google.
Even if the site looks exactly the same, if there is no search engine measures and it is not displayed properly in the search results, there is almost no meaning that the site exists.
Also, as long as your website exists, search engine measures should be done regularly and all the way.

In the past, we used to do SEO at a site that we made ourselves, costing seo specialized companies about 100,000 yen per month. I’m worried that your monthly fee is too cheap and the measures are sufficient?

There are countless SEO companies in the world, and the price is about 50,000 yen per month to more than 500,000 yen.
Our monthly fee is 13,800 yen / month , site (+ tax), so I think that it does not reach seo specialized companies of 500,000 yen per month, but there is a strong self-responsibility that we are overwhelmingly allowing us to do more than the cost.
In addition, if you actually receive our services and think that it is still insufficient, you can use an SEO company.

What kind of domains can I get? each domain of the domain can be retrieved.

Remarks: Meaning of various domains A domain that means a corporation, such as a limited company or a corporation
com domain: a common domain that means commercial
jp Domain: General domain meaning Japan
net domain: a domain that means a network that is primarily acquired by a net company
info domain: General meaning domain
biz domain: business-meaning domain

Can I have my own domain email address?

Yes. You can use your own domain email address.

How many email addresses can I have?

You can bring up to 11 pieces.
(※It is also possible to bring unlimited as an option separately)

Can I forward mail?

Yes. I can.

Is your email protected against viruses?

Yes. We also take measures against virus mail on the server side.
However, as with general e-mails, we strongly recommend that you use antivirus software on your own PC side.