The rough flow from provisional application to creation and update management is summarized below.

 Provisional application
First of all, please apply tentatively from the provisional applica
tion page. After that, our representative will contact you and ask for detailed explanations and customer requests.
We will interview you about the details of the contract and the design and composition of the website.
 Prepare materials and photos for creation
Please prepare photos and materials necessary for creating a homepage design.
 Start creating a homepage
Based on the materials and photos you have prepared, we will start to create your store’s website.
 Completion of homepage
If you create it based on the base design, your store homepage will be completed in as little as 7 business days.
  Check the completed website
Please check the completed store homepage.
 To daily updates and management
Daily updates after creation make your home page a more effective ad. If
you want to be a homepage maker, you can easily manage everything! We will perform all update and management wo
rk on our behalf! We would be very happy if you could think of our company as your “web and IT work personnel” and use it every day.