HP MAKER is “This is amazing!”

There are so many benefits to using this service!

01 Confidence! Submit the design in advance

Homepage Design
“It wasn’t that kind of design haz…”
“I was made to pay an additional fee if I tried to change the design”
These failure stories are a story that I often hear from customers who have created a homepage.

However, the homepage creation of this site is different♪
you can submit a full-fledged design in advance as many times as you like for free.

By all means, please realize the homepage of the design that you are satisfied with by the homepage maker.

02 Make your cast more engaging

When you looked at the list page of cast members, did you think that “it is not boring to simply display side by side…”?

It is only an example, HP MAKER cast introduction page is more beautiful and more individual than just lining up.

03 It’s not just a design sample!

In general, the type of service that selects the underlying design gives you the freedom to put your photos and logos in a specific location.
It is the evil that everything has been programmed, but the homepage manufacturer is different! !

The homepage creation by the base design group of HP MAKER is a fusion of the programmed part and the manual work part, so the degree of freedom of design is much higher.

Not only the photos, but also the overall color tone and atmosphere itself can be changed, so you can express your request thoroughly.

04 Create a store logo for free!

Please be assured that there is no logo of the store!
If you request, we will create a store logo for your website for free.

Super reasonable! This price with this service!

This price is just a HP MAKER with this service content!
We recommend it with confidence!

06 Leave it all to me! I will do all the work on my behalf!

Our service is perfect for the following people!

“I don’t know how much time to manage the website in the f irst place”,
“I don’t know how long the staff who are familiar with the website”,
“I don’t know how long the staff who are familiar with the website”,
“The previous web staff quit and I lost information”,
“There is no person familiar with search engine measures”,
“There is no staff with good sense”,
“I use my own services, but after all, the cost is high due to labor costs”,
“I want to leave it to a professional collectively”
Cost cut

If you make a homepage with us, we will not only create a homepage, but also update management on your behalf.
In addition, you can leave everything from domain management to email account creation management to high-level search engine measures described below!

There is often a claim that “anyone can easily manage with a program”, but no matter how advanced the program is, even if you take one image, you will have to make it yourself in the end, and I think that you will need a minimum of knowledge and sense. If you do, our service is perfect.

And because it is left to management, there is no such thing as “the staff in charge of the web who worked quit, and there are no people who can work and the information is lost”, and it is much lower cost than having a web staff at your store!

07 Amazing number of updates “unlimited”! !

Even though we made a homepage with great great concern, 、if the update is not satisfactory, the homepage effec t is halved.
If you are a homepage maker, that point is also complete!
It is not a common “update yourself” or “update up to one time”.
Unlimited number of amazing updates at the text level!

08 Fast update speed

On the application form, after contacting us with the contents of the renewal, it is described as “within 3 business days in principle”.
However,in fact, we are working with the goal of updating within one business day, so it may be faster than updating under the direction of the staff of your store.

※ It is also possible to make it a specification that you can update yourself from the management screen if you have a request about new information, cast-like attendance schedules, etc., parts that need to be updated by yourself.

09 Shut out virus mail

Annoying virus mail that always comes around with the opening of the homepage!
If you are infected with a virus, your computer will be damaged or your important data will be stolen.

But rest assured!
We will check the server for viruses and block virus mail.
Virus Mail Shutout

10 Can be created in as little as 7 days

If you use the homepage-based design after all the prepared materials arrive,you can create it in about 7 business days at the shortest!

11 Real SEO (= search engine protection)

In particular, on the homepage of the type that is self-managing in the program, you can only set the part called “META tag”, and you often see it saying that “SEO is also perfect”. However, actual SEO (= search engine countermeasure) is not such a simple thing, and it is not possible to claim SEO measures only by such a thing.
SEO is a work that takes a myriad of factors, and even an SEO specialist cannot achieve an effect unless it takes a lot of time and effort.
Certainly, setting the META tag is necessary for that, but that part is not an end at all even if it is said that it is “only about 1%” from the seo as a whole, and from our point of fact, I can not help feeling distrust and discomfort to the trader who tells the customer that it is “SEO” alone.
It’s a difficult SEO to understand, but it feels like it’s just mocking everyone who uses it.

If you want to say in light of this, I am proud that “I do real SEO work every day” on the homepage made by HP MAKER, so I would be happy if you could actually experience it once.

12 No annual tying! Monthly payment

HP MAKER is not bound annually, such as “contract every 12 months” and “it is not possible to cancel for 2 years”.
Since both payment and contract are on a monthly basis, you can feel free to use it and do not have to incurr wasted costs in the event of cancellation.

Thirteen. Free advertising on night work specialty search sites!

Night work search site
After the homepage is completed, the service reflected in the database of the search site “Cabalook” specialized in cavakura girls bar host club, etc.,you can help attract customers and job openings of your store with a slight power.

Fourteen. Sns available free of charge

We will prepare all sns such as instagram and Twitter of your store for free
And of course it is also possible to incorporate your own SNS as part of the design.