What is the homepage maker?!

Super cheap homepage creation production Night work (water business) specialty site such as cabakura girls bar seckaba host club
HOMEPAGE MAKER is a website service specializing in night work.

This service not only creates a website but also performs post-release administrative maintenance on your behalf, so please use this service as a substitute for your web representative.
The concept is high quality, high service, low cost!
If the service has the same content, I am confident in Japanese up class and recommend it with confidence!

What industries are eligible?

・ Cabaret Club Kyabakura
・ Girls bar
・ Sexy Cabaret Club Sekkyaba
・ Host club
・ Pub Snack

For customers who run night shops.
Drinks such as cavakura host club girls bar
Supplementary note: If you’re not sure if the above applies, or if you don’t, but need a quote, feel free to contact us.
We will do our best to provide you with satisfactory quotes and suggestions.

Production of homepage

If you select the desired design from the base design and create HP,
16,900 yen (+ tax)
We will create the perfect homepage for your store!
(A completely original design can be created for 60,000 yen (+ tax). )

Sample? Base design?

The base design of HOMEPAGE MAKER is not a general “template”!

Because it is a “base design”
-You can freely change various things such as atmosphere and color!
-Not only insert a photo, but also incorporate it as a design to create it!

Compared to a normal “template”, you can freely change the design, so you can thoroughly express your needs.
Homepage Design

HP update work and management

13,800 yen / month / site
You can leave all the update and management of HP to us!

Leave all management to us ♬

In the HOMEPAGE MAKER service,
・ Monthly website update work
・ Domain management
・ Email account creation management
・ High-level SEO (= search engine measures)

You can leave everything to us!

Imagine hiring one IT staff member for 13,800 yen (+ tax) / month. Unlike services that you have to manage yourself, there is no need to have a person in charge with IT knowledge, which is extremely effective in terms of cost.
Cost cut

Update “unlimited”!!

At homepage maker
“Up to 1 update”
“There is an additional charge for multiple updates.”
There are no such restrictions.
You can request website updates as many times as you like each month!

※ Scope of update: Update at text level

Supported areas

Kanto, Tohoku, Chubu,, China, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Okinawa
We are compatible with all regions in Japan.
Since the creation of the homepage is a mechanism that can be done only by prepareing photos, filling out materials and meeting by phone, we will not let you take wasted time.