Why everyone makes a homepage

Absolute cost-effectiveness

“The cost-effectiveness is absolute”
In a word, the biggest reason why many people try to create and operate a homepage is in this one word.

Those who can pay 0 yen for monthly expenses on SNS etc.
Those who spend about 10,000 yen.
A store that costs 100,000 yen.
A company that costs 1 million yen.
In addition, even large companies that can not fit at all for 10 million yen per month.

I think that the reason why everyone aligns their mouths with “It is better to have a homepage” is exhausted by this, even if the monthly cost for the homepage varies depending on the situation and thoughts of the person, the store, and the company.

Also, if you specialize in night work and delve into Reason 1, the reason is reason 2 to 5.

Significant Impact on Job Openings

One of the reasons is that it has a big impact on job openings.
The homepage is
・ As an explanation of job openings
・ As a role to convey peace of mind
In general, it can be said that it is indispensable now in terms of job openings.

In addition, depending on the store, for job openings,
Operation of the official website
Operation of an official recruitment site
Use of recruitment services by other companies
There have been numerous approaches, such as: A large number of approaches are made
That’s how much I’m put in the job openings
The official website alone does not specialize in job openings.
Only other companies’ job offer services can only convey
job information.
That’s why.

At least for stores that place importance on job openings, I think that the existence of an official website is indispensable.

Do a good job of attracting customers

When you suddenly see a customer, when you care about a signboard, it is now one of the common actions to visit after a moment’s investigation on the internet.
Needless to say, it is very useless to lose the opportunity just by not having a website.

Things that will help you revisit

It is very important to have the name and existence of the store come to the customer’s mind even for a moment.
If the site is updated properly, there will always be customers who can check regularly or see it from time to time.
Seeing it leads to cognition, and connecting to cognition always affects revisiting.
It seems difficult to see and sober, but it will play a very important role.

To be a guide

It simply makes sense to have a decent map information on your website and for your site to guide you.
Even if you are a friend, a work associate, and the secretary chooses a new shop, it will be difficult to put it in the choice in the shop that does not have a map properly, so it will have meaning in such a aspect.