Personal Information protection policy

Basic policy

In view of the importance of protecting personal information, the Company recognizes its responsibilities and complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act on the Protection of Personal Information) and other relevant laws and guidelines, handling personal information appropriately, and taking appropriate measures for safety management.

Obtaining personal information

We acquire personal information within the scope necessary for business and by lawful and fair means.

Purpose of use of personal information

The Company will not use the acquired personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use without the consent of the customer himself/ herself.
Personal information acquired by the Company will be used for the following purposes.

1. Business guidance about products and services handled
2. Sending documents related to the shipment of products and materials handled and the handling service
3. Support and after-sales service for products and services handled
4. Answers to questions asked
5. Improvement and improvement of quality of products and services handled

Safety management measures for personal information

In order to manage the safety management of personal data handled, the Company shall take sufficient security measures, such as the development of safety management regulations and implementation systems, take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure accuracy and up-to-dateness, and promptly take appropriate corrective measures in the event of a problem, etc.

Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not provide personal data to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:

1. When based on laws and regulations
2. When it is necessary to provide personal information to a cooperating company to the scope necessary for the execution of our business.
Even in that case, we will request the subcontractor to handle the personal information provided appropriately and manage it appropriately.
3. When it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body or property, and it is difficult to get the customer’s consent.

Contact us

For inquiries and consultations regarding our handling of personal information and your personal information, please contact the following.
In addition, when inquiring about the personal information of the customer, we will respond as soon as possible after confirming the identity of the person.

About payment and contract

Production and management expenses Listed on the Price page
Incidental expenses other than the above Bank transfer fee: You will be charged. Please understand.
Delivery After all the materials you send arrive, if you use the base design, you can create it in as little as 7 business days.
In the case of creation in the original design, it varies depending on the content, but a minimum of about one month of creation time is required.
In addition, it will be delivered when the website is published on the Internet.
Contract After understanding the terms and conditions, you will be required to fill out and stamp our designated contract.
How to pay Please make a transfer to our designated bank.

【Payment of production costs】
In principle, after delivery of the website, payment must be made by the 15th of the month following the billing date.

【Payment of administrative expenses】
In principle, payment must be made by the 20th of each month and the 15th of the following month.
If the period of use is less than one month, you will be charged the amount calculated by the daily calculation calculated from the start and end of the service.
Delayed damages If your payment is delayed, you won’t be available to renew for the next month.
If you are late, you will be charged 14.6% of the payment amount as late damages.
Cancellations and cancellations No cancellation fee will be incurred for cancellation of website production or cancellation of management service.
Due to the nature of the service, the copyright belongs to the Company except for the data received from the customer.
Please note that we cannot give you your website at the time of cancellation.

If you request cancellation, we will give you a cancellation application form designated by our company.
Please fill out and seal the cancellation application form and fax or mail it to us.