Corporate Philosophy and Greetings

Do you think, “This company is saying common things”?

Our corporate philosophy is
“To create higher-quality, lower-cost products and continue to deliver them at a lower cost.”

However, in the web site and system industry, this “higher quality” is extremely common.
There are roughly “initial creation costs at the time of creation” and “regular costs such as monthly expenses at the time of maintenance” in the part called “quality” of the website, but if you try to step into a certain part or more about these, it has become extremely difficult for customers to understand.

Here is an example of a conversation.

As a industry, there is a company that does not know the famous, fraud-like act that people know, but please think that the following conversation is not such a bad company but “a conversation of a good company salesman who does not tell a lie”.
If you have been looking for a website creation company, there are many people who have experience in it.

Company A’s salesman said.
“The design can be changed in various ways, so it’s okay.”
Company B’s salesman said.
“We also do SEO (= search ennjin measures), so it’s okay.”
Company C’s salesman said.
“Our company is cheap to create and the monthly maintenance fee is cheap”

Have you heard of the above conversations?
In the world of web site creation, it is a problem to be “not a lie” such a “conversation that sounds good” but a problem.

First of all, Company A says that “the design can be changed in various ways”, but in a word, there are various types of design, from just inserting an image to drawing from each line.
What’s more, you can only change it at the time of creation, and changes after publication may be separate.
“Even if you say such a thing, I don’t know the PC or design industry. I’m not sure. 」
You may think that. In this case, “Can I make any picture and change it at any time?” Try to ask.
If you were a company that could make any picture at any time, I think it would be a great company that could really change anything about the design.

Next, it is Company B that “SEO (= search engine countermeasure) is also done”, but this “SEO” can work as much as you want every day if you want to do it.
Moreover, since SEO has a lot of work that does not change the way it looks on the homepage, it is difficult for customers to determine how far they are doing SEO work.
Just by linking with other sites first, it is called “SEO”, and even if you register with a search engine, you can call it “SEO” even if you just give it a little homepage.
With the exception of some really good SEO companies, I even feel that unfortunately there is no homepage creation company that is seriously seoding.
SEO, as mentioned above, will do endless work if you want to do it.
Search engines such as Google themselves change in a certain number of days, and you can’t do serious SEO unless you always have an SEO analysis team in-house.
I think that’s why. “Even if you say such a thing, I don’t know about seo in detail.”
I think that it seems.
In this case, if the word you want to get caught in the search is “Shinjuku Club”,
“Can you guarantee the top 10 in the word “Shinjuku Cavakura” even if there is no additional cost?” Try to ask.
If this was a company that said ,”Yes, I guarantee it separately”, I think that is really a great company about SEO measures.

Finally, it is C company that is cheap to create and monthly, but it is natural as long as the company exists to earn money, but if you put someone’s hand on it, the fee will be higher.
As Company C says, if the initial cost and monthly cost were cheap while doing the usual form (or if there was no one), there are few places that can be changed that much, it does not do easily even if you ask for renewal, it is a site to die just made, there are various problems.
It is an industry where “cheap or bad” comes out to Moro.
In this case, please try the “two questions” mentioned above. So if you get a good answer, I think it’s a great company.

In the balance between cost performance and quality, we do not make clear on “quick update” and “better design” services while establishing efforts and mechanisms that are in the FAQ “Why is it so cheap”, but we strive every day for “higher quality, lower cost” that can not be expressed in a single words.

For those who are going to create a homepage from now on, I would be happy if there were any hints.
We would also be happy if we could work with you to help you and those who are currently considering us.

Kazuho Sato, Representative Director, Total Dianet Co., Ltd.